Social Responsibility: Why Bother?

Hunter products are designed to better the world.   Our philosophy to create socially good products in the business world is better known as Social Responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was referenced as early as the 1930s and the popularity of the term ‘social responsibility ’ (SR) marked the modern era of the concept in the 1950s.  Today, the … Continue reading “Social Responsibility: Why Bother?”

How Hunter Builds Culture To Drive Success

Culture is vital to the success of a company. For startups, it is understandable why cultivating and defining a culture may not receive the same focus and strategy that production, development, and marketing of a service or product receive. However, each startup team member has a unique personality, set of talents, and work habits that … Continue reading “How Hunter Builds Culture To Drive Success”

Truth: The Innovation Model Is Broken

The Innovation Model is broken. Innovative ideas have become a source of entertainment in popular TV shows like Shark Tank and have even sparked Francis Tseng’s idea to develop a video game poking fun at innovation, social impact and labor practices in startup cultures. With these newly adopted views formed by our media, it is … Continue reading “Truth: The Innovation Model Is Broken”